NSFHSA is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to promote their new program “Trottibus”.

Trottibus has arrived in Nova Scotia!

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Nova Scotia Division is seeking to pilot the Trottibus, Walking School Bus program at two local elementary schools within the urban core of the Halifax Regional Municipality this school year.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus, Walking School Bus is a pedestrian bus that allows elementary school children to walk to school from home. Through planned routes and stops, adult volunteers accompany a group of children to school. Trottibus aims to reverse the current social trend of choosing motorized transportation over walking and increase the use of active transportation in children’s daily lives.

Active transportation has numerous tangible benefits for communities, from enhancing individual health and lowering the risks of developing chronic diseases, to reducing greenhouse gas effects and contributing to traffic reduction. Active transportation is an excellent way to engage in physical activity while fulfilling a practical need to get around.

Trottibus was developed by the Canadian Cancer Society’s Quebec Division in 2009 to enable primary school children to safely walk to school in the morning with adult supervision provided by volunteers. The program has run successfully for the past 5 years throughout Quebec and is being piloted in Nova Scotia and Ontario in 2015/2016.

Very little school staff support is required as the Trottibus program is led by parents and volunteers who are supported by the Canadian Cancer Society through comprehensive training, materials and resources. Trottibus offers many benefits for all involved:

For children

  • Increased daily physical activity
  • Improved concentration in class
  • Chance to make friends
  • Pleasure and sense of belonging to a group
  • Opportunity to become a good pedestrian
  • Cancer risk lowered
For schools

  • Easing of traffic around the school
  • Increased safety for pedestrians
  • Parents mobilized around a project that brings people together
  • Environment that promotes physical activity
For communities

  • Fewer cars: families walk more to get around
  • Greener neighborhood
  • Citizens involvement in an intergenerational project
If you are interested in learning more about Trottibus, please contact:

Ms. Julia Town
External Engagement Coordinator
Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia
902-423-6183 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.