LA Dewolf Award

The L. A. Dewolfe Award is named after educator L. A. DeWolfe, who was the first President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Associations. In his honor, a trust fund was established and an award is presented annually to an educator demonstrating outstanding service to the NSFHSA at the provincial or local level. The recipient of this award must demonstrate how educators can have a successful working relationship with parents at the Home & School level.

Nomination Form - PDF - 40KB

Volunteer of the Year Award

The NSFHSA's Volunteer of the Year Award honours a member who exemplifies the work that we do on a daily basis as a Volunteer in our school and community. The Nominee must be a member of a 'Member Association' of the NSFHSA, be a school volunteer and exhibit an exemplary role in a volunteer capacity in their school.

Nomination Form - PDF - 88KB

School Bus Driver Award

This award will recognize school bus drivers in Nova Scotia for their service in keeping our students safe as they travel to and from school each day.

Our school bus drivers are professionally trained individuals who transport our children in a safe manner. They are the often the first person representing the school that the students will meet each day and the last at the end of the day. The school bus driver plays a vital role in our education system and the Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations is pleased to recognize an outstanding individual for his/her service and dedication to the safety of our children.

Parents, students and staff are invited to submit nominations for the School Bus Driver of the Year Award. Please use the nomination form below and include any supporting letters from others on why this individual is deserving of this award. One award will be presented, but all school bus drivers nominated will be recognized.

Must be a current bus driver or recently retired as a school bus driver within the last two years.

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Life Member

The Life Membership Award is awarded annually to members of the NSFHSA who have shown exemplary commitment to the NSFHSA at either the local or provincial level.

As stated in our Memorandum of Association and By Laws: Article 4: Section 6 – 'Honourary Life membership in the Federation may be conferred at an Annual General Meeting on any person for outstanding service to the Federation. Nominees for such membership must be endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Federation. There shall be no membership fee for an Honourary Life member and they shall have the right to vote.'

Education Week Partners Award

Each year during the Provincial Education Week an awards ceremony is held to honour those people demonstrating outstanding service in the field of Education. The ceremony is the result of a combined effort of representatives from the Education Partners (NSFHSA, NSTU, NSSBA, FPANE.)

During the ceremony, Outstanding Teacher Awards are given to teachers who have been selected by their school boards as having shown exceptional contributions to their school and the education system based on the year's theme.

The Education Partners are also encouraged to nominate a member from their respective organizations to receive a Education Week Partner's Award for their contributions to Education.

The NSFHSA selects a parent whose efforts in the school are worth commending (with the defined theme in mind.) This is a difficult process as we recognize the importance and sheer volume of parental support going into our schools on a daily basis.